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Hyack Festival Association

2016 International Parade: A Mighty Thank You To Our Volunteers!

Hyack Festival Association wishes to thank all those wonderful volunteers who worked tirelessly at all our week-long events to ensure their success. The International Parade, Uptown Street Fest (special thanks to Guy Ciprian of Savi Integrated Marketing), The Antique Market and so many Hyack functions could not have run as smoothly and been as successful as they were - if not for our volunteers.

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Give Yourself The Gift of Membership This Christmas

Hyack Festival Association is a non-profit, volunteer driven, community oriented group of individuals who love New West and its diverse residents. Why not join us and experience what great things can happen when you work with a team of friends.

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VOTED 'BEST FESTIVAL' AGAIN...and we are grateful

It happens year after year, and every year the board and members of Hyack Festival Association are overwhelmed by the generous support the community of New West awards us by voting our Hyack International Festival Week – ‘Best Festival’. This Readers Choice program, hosted by The New West Record, is awarded annually. Hyack works to produce an event that has something relevant for all age groups. Thanks New West for giving us this incredible recognition and thank you New West Record for giving the community a venue to express their opinion.

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