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Hyack Festival Association

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DON SWINDELLS: President 2015


As a long time resident and a second-term President of the Hyack Festival Association, I have witnessed a great many positive changes to our city and citizens.  This year I decided to embrace the world that is ‘Social Media’. I encourage everyone on Twitter to include #LOLinNewWest throughout the the year at every Hyack or Festival New West event..  In doing so, I hope we can all engage future members and supporters by being more relevant to those who grew up in the heart of the digital age.

In the past few years our city has blossomed into a model of modernity with the development of the new Anvil Centre and soaring new towers. Yet, you can remain grounded with our heritage that spans over 150 years. Few cities can offer a place for everyone – but New West does.


We have a great deal of fun and excitement planned for 2015 in New West and I want to make sure you are here for each and every event.  In May we will host the Northwest Festival Association HOSPITALITY WEEK which represents event organizations from both Canada and the USA and serves to promote the great city of New West to future tourists.  We will also present the family friendly INTERNATIONAL PARADE and UPTOWN STREET FEST.  We are very excited to be taking up the responsibilities for producing the incredibly popular Key West Ford SHOW & SHINE in July and in November we will host the 2nd Scotia Bank NOVEMBERFEST.

We will also host the historical and culturally important Cartwright Jewelers NEW WESTMINSTER HYACK AMBASSADOR PROGRAM that has been changing the lives of young women for the better and providing the City of New West with the highest degree of representation at local and international events.

Above all, we hope you experience the fun and laughter that abounds in New West.  We hope that experience makes you want to return again and again.

Join us as we celebrate this festival weekend by Laughing Out Load in New West!

Yours truly,

DON SWINDELLS, Hyack President 2015